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What to Do If Someone Dumps Trash on My Property
Sep 05 2022

What to Do If Someone Dumps Trash on My Property

Picture this—you come back home from work and you find a heap of demolition debris in your front yard; or a dumpster service drops off roll-off dumpsters for your cleanout, only for an inconsiderate neighbor to dump loads of trash in the container, leaving you with no space to dispose of your waste.

Someone dumping garbage on your property can be frustrating and leave you wondering what to do. Cases of offenders dumping garbage on other people’s property are so rampant that it is necessary to take proactive measures to prevent this vice.

If someone dumps garbage in your bins, dumpster, or yard, you could be fined for a sanitation violation. It’s advisable to take prompt action depending on the scale of the problem, otherwise, you’ll have run-ins with local authorities.

You should try to identify the offender and have them take responsibility for their actions.

If it’s your neighbors doing the dumping, all you have to do is talk to them and request that they refrain from illegally dumping trash in your dumpsters or on your property.

If they don’t stop, you can involve the police and let them investigate the issue.

Recommendations On How to Stop Illegal Dumping On Your Property

Put Up "No Illegal Dumping" Signs

Some people may not know that dumping garbage in an area that is not a waste facility or landfill is a crime. Sometimes "No Illegal Dumping" signs can help to stop illegal dumping to some degree.

You can add "This area is under video surveillance" on the notice to deter would-be dumpers. Ensure the signs are positioned at visible spots across your property.

Install A Robust Surveillance System

Installing security cameras on your property is a great way to deter would-be dumpers and collect evidence in case someone dumps garbage on your property. Just like burglars, would-be dumpers are more likely to skip your property if they notice a surveillance system.

Make Your Property Inaccessible

People are more likely to dump garbage on your property if it’s easily accessible. A dumper will find it easy and convenient to dump trash in an open front yard as opposed to a fenced property.

Having a physical barrier around your property will help to keep dumpers away.

Get The Police Involved

If you’ve done everything possible to prevent the illegal dumping of garbage on your property but the offenders don’t seem to stop, call the police to investigate the matter. If you catch someone in the act, take pictures of the violations and call the police right away.

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