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Refrigerator Removal & Disposal Service

Like any other appliance in constant use, our refrigerators can fail us due to various factors like age or damage. Once you have shopped around and landed on the ideal model for your lifestyle and needs, the next step is finding a reputable refrigerator removal service in Atlanta. The Junk Tycoons specialize in old refrigerator disposal, creating a way for the new and improved appliance. When it comes to getting rid of an old fridge, it is never as simple as it sounds. Homeowners can’t just choose to toss out their fridges on the pavement for the usual Thursday trash pickup. 
There are several legal, health, and environmental factors to consider before proceeding with refrigerator removal in Atlanta. This can be overwhelming for most people, and infringements can lead to hefty penalties. Here are some reasons why it is vital to dispose of your refrigerator properly. 

Refrigerant chemicals are Harmful to Humans

A fridge contains a chemical refrigerant known as Freon, which has high fluorinated hydrocarbons. This odorless chemical can restrict oxygen to the lungs, brain, and heart if inhaled, and that’s why you need to hire a professional fridge removal service. We come fully prepared, with the appropriate equipment and safety gear to prevent any contact with the chemical. 
Suppose you plan to turn old fridge removal into a DIY, don’t! If you are exposed to Freon directly, several symptoms will start to show, including nausea, coughing, chemical burns, vomiting, headache, and difficulty in breathing.

Avoid Fines for Fly Tipping


A refrigerator is a heavy appliance that can be difficult to get rid of, mainly if you handle everything independently. If you are considering hauling your fridge around looking for a space to dump it, you risk a hefty fine or jail time which can be avoided by onboarding an expert for fridge removal in Atlanta.

The Junk Tycoons adheres to the environmental laws and regulations when conducting refrigerator removal, ensuring that all the un-biodegradable plastic is handled correctly. 

Old Parts Can Be Recycled

Although your fridge is no longer in optimal condition, it still contains valuable parts that can be used as spare parts for less damaged appliances. Some of the beneficial components that make recycling a viable solution include the compressor, which can be reconditioned for further use. If you don’t know where to recycle your refrigerator, hiring a professional junk removal service provider alleviates this concern. We provide comprehensive services from the initial removal of your old fridge to hauling it away to a recycling facility in Atlanta.
If you consider proper refrigerator removal and disposal, searching online for a local service provider doesn’t guarantee quality or safety. We leverage top-of-the-line industry equipment to ensure everything is done with the utmost professionalism. The last thing you want is to pay extra because of fines and damages during removal. Don’t risk costly fines over something that can be avoided by a call to a junk removal company. Reach out today at The Junk Tycoons, and schedule an appointment with the experts.  

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Top Rated on Yelp and Google

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