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Ways To Clean Up Your Garden For Summer
Jul 09 2022

Ways To Clean Up Your Garden For Summer

There is no better time than summer to start prepping your garden for the growing season. No matter how much you love having fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables in the middle of winter, when it's time to get outside and get your hands dirty, the winter months are not ideal for doing any work in the garden. But now that spring has sprung (hopefully!), there's plenty of time to clear away debris from the winter and prep your garden for summer. For junk or waste removal, you can count on The Junk Tycoons throughout your prepping process.

Clear Away Any Debris From The Winter

Winter months are ideal for clearing away dead plants and leaves from your garden. If you don't clear them away now, they will rot during the spring and summer, reducing soil quality and attracting pests such as slugs and snails. If any plants have died or been damaged during the autumn and winter, remove them completely so they don't become a home for pests.

Trim and Groom Garden Space

Trimming overgrown plants and bushes is also essential when preparing your garden for summer. This helps maintain the shape and size of your garden so that you don't have to do any significant work later on if new growth starts taking over! You can also use this time to remove any flowers that are no longer blooming or look dead.

Tidy Up Borders

A border is an area between your lawn and the flowerbeds or vegetable beds. If you have overgrown borders, now's a good time to tidy them up. Cut back dead leaves, prune any plants that need them, and remove any weeds growing on the border. If it looks better now, you'll be glad when guests visit over the summer months.

Keep Pests Under Control

If pests are causing problems in your garden, get rid of them before they ruin everything. You can use pesticides if necessary, but natural methods are often better for the environment and safer for people and pets around your home. Try clearing away dead leaves from plants and spreading mulch around plants to keep pests away from their roots; this also helps plants thrive by retaining moisture through hotter weather.

Prepare the Garden Soil

If you have a small vegetable garden, you can begin by tilling the soil and mixing in organic matter such as manure or compost. If your garden is more extensive, consider renting a rototiller to do the job. After tilling, water the soil thoroughly and allow it to sit for several days until it dries out completely. During this time, weed seeds will start to sprout and should be removed before they grow too large.


Once you have prepared your soil, it is time to add fertilizer so that your plants can grow well. You can buy fertilizer at any gardening store near you or online. Make sure you read all instructions carefully before using any fertilizers on your lawns or gardens because they could be harmful if not used properly or mixed with other chemicals as per directions by professionals.

Mulch and Weed Barrier

Mulch is a great way to keep weeds at bay. You can buy it at any nursery or garden center, and it comes in several different types and colors. Some mulches also have fertilizer built into them, so you don't have to worry about adding any extra nutrients to your soil. A weed barrier is another good option for keeping weeds from growing up through your plants. Its plastic material prevents weeds and grass from getting through but lets water through so that only the plants grow through it and are protected from weeds below ground level.

Set Up a Water System

In addition to adding nutrition back into the soil, mulch helps prevent water from evaporating away from plants. If you're building a new garden bed this year, set up a water system so that you can automatically water it when needed. This will save you time and effort on your part because you don't have to remember each day to water your plants!

Now that you have done all that hard work, it is time for junk removal by The Junk Tycoons!

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