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How To Declutter Your Basement?
Jul 03 2022

How To Declutter Your Basement?

When the word basement comes to mind, many of us tend to think of many boxes, old furniture, tools, and other items that we don’t use on daily basis. Most of the time they are so messy that we don’t even want to think about them, let alone organize them. But after some time, it gets necessary to get rid of some items while organizing the rest. So, you start to look through everything, not knowing where to start. In this article, we are going to help you with that by going over the steps you can take to organize and declutter your basement so you will know where to start.

Take Your Time To Review

Since many of us don’t go to the basement on regular basis, it is very likely you have forgotten what you have there and what is in those boxes. Take the time to review what you have and how frequently you will need them. You can even make a list so you will have a good idea. This would make the next step much easier for you.

Divide Your Items Into Categories

At this point, you should look at your items as we discussed in the last step and divide them into categories. Before categorizing them into anything else, make three basic categories: ‘Keep’, ‘Donate’, and ‘Throw Away’. We assure you this would make your job much easier before sorting them into different categories. If you use certain items on regular basis and think they are useful and important, put them in the ‘Keep’ category. If you have items that clutter your basement and you don’t use them frequently, take a look at whether they are in a good shape or not. If they are, you can donate them; if they aren’t throwing them out would be the best option.

Shelving System

To receive the maximum efficiency from your basement, you can think about installing shelving systems. This way, you can keep your items organized while protecting them from different types of damage such as water or bad weather. To avoid getting shelves larger or smaller than your need, make sure to measure the area first. Additionally, think about the material your shelves will be thorough because some materials like wood may not be suitable and therefore not be durable for your case. Are you planning to put clothes out of season? You can also get a clothing rack to keep those organized.

Further Categories

The first categorization step was to determine what to throw away and what to keep. Now, divide the items in your ‘Keep’ category to further smaller categories. Afterward, decide where these categories are going to go. If you have a shelving system as we mentioned in the previous point, you can decide which category goes on which shelf. Make sure to label both your categories and their locations as you go on, so if you need them later, they will be easy to find.

Don’t Waste Your Time and Energy

When you are cleaning and organizing your basement, unnecessary furniture and items that need to be thrown out will be inevitable. To save your precious time and energy, calling a junk removal agency to clean out your basement would be the best choice. You are in luck because as The Junk Tycoons, we are here to help you with exactly that. Simply call us to learn more about our waste removal services. Don’t worry about the intensive effort you have to spend to throw all those materials away and call us today to schedule your junk removal appointment.

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