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Six Tips for Helping Your Parents Downsize Their Home
Mar 13 2023

Six Tips for Helping Your Parents Downsize Their Home

Downsizing is a normal part of aging, but it’s a lot of work, both physically and emotionally. If you’re helping a parent downsize, there are things you should take into consideration to ensure success. Knowing how to downsize the right way can make the transition a lot easier and take the hassle out of the whole process. Here are six tips to make the downsizing and transition process easier on everyone.

Start Planning the Move Early

Downsizing your parents’ home is a huge undertaking that should never be underestimated. With decades of belongings to sort through, it’s advisable to give yourself plenty of time for this process. Think of it as a process, not an event. You should begin downsizing at least three months before the move and sort through one room at a time.

Have An Open Conversation With Your Parents Regarding Downsizing

If your parents are reluctant to downsize, have an open conversation with them and explain to them the benefits of downsizing. Approach the subject with genuine concern and highlight how it may be beneficial to their health and well-being. Do not pressure them with deadlines, as it will be counterproductive.

Make a Plan and Tackle It Step-By-Step

Do an inventory of the rooms and storage spaces in your parents’ home and create a realistic plan for downsizing. Tackle the easy tasks first so that you have a sense of accomplishment and finish with the areas with the most stuff.

Donate, Sell, or Dump

Go through all their belongings and decide what to donate, sell, or discard. Categorize the items into piles and label the boxes properly to avoid confusion. Older adults tend to hoard items that remind them of happier times or certain events in their lives. It’s best to talk to your parents and help them understand why they need to get rid of items they no longer use or need.

Involve Other Family Members

It can be helpful to get more family members involved in the decision-making and downsizing process. Having open conversations with your siblings and other family members is important so that you get on the same page. You can also ask for help from extended family members and close friends who are like family. Many hands make light work.

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