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How to Remove a Piano in Atlanta, GA
Jun 19 2022

How to Remove a Piano in Atlanta, GA

For the average person, getting rid of a piano can sound like a complicated or heavy task. For the professionals at The Junk Tycoons, it’s just another day. We are a junk removal company with years of experience and a dedicated crew. Whether you are interested in removing the piano yourself or hiring a waste removal company like The Junk Tycoons, this article should help answer some questions. If you would like to speak with a live representative, then feel free to call The Junk Tycoons. We are happy to take your call.

Removing the Piano on Your Own

Removing the piano in one piece is going to be hard, back-breaking work. If you want to transport it, then you will likely need a few people to move it. If the piano is irreparable, then dismantling it is the first step of removal. Here are the basic steps to dismantling the piano:

  • Unscrew the outer pieces, the key cover and piano lid
  • Disconnect the piano desk, exposing the harp
  • Unscrew the piano key cover and lift it off
  • Remove the lower board, where the foot pedals are
  • Unscrew the top lid
  • Unscrew and lift off the muffler felt
  • Unscrew the bolts and remove the action by pulling forward and lifting it off
  • Pull each key off the keyboard
  • Loosen the strings on the harp
  • Loosen and remove the key bed
  • Lay the piano on its back and remove the side supports
  • Pull off the piano harp
  • All Done!

Now you can move the components individually. Many of the piano parts are made of wood, steel wires, screws, and iron, all of which can be recycled. Check with your local recycling center to see if they pick up.

Leave It to the Professionals

Dismantling and removing a piano is time-consuming work. If you would like to spend your time on more valuable things, then leave the piano removal to the professionals. We can haul away all types of pianos, including:

  • Grand Pianos
  • Baby Grand Pianos
  • Upright Pianos
  • Organs
  • Digital Pianos & Keyboards
  • Parlor Pianos
  • Toy Pianos

Our services are as simple as calling and scheduling a pickup. We will call you half-an-hour before your appointment and it should take only a couple of hours to get the work done. Clear out the path to the piano for quicker, seamless work.

What We Do with the Piano

We are environmentally and socially conscious here at The Junk Tycoons. Rather than toss the piano into a landfill, we try to donate any working pianos. If the piano is irreparable, then we will recycle the components. We look forward to helping you help our world.

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