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Appliance Removal in Buford

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Appliance Removal in Buford

Appliance removal entails finding new life for old appliances or their parts. If you have an old dryer or washer still in working condition, The Junk Tycoons can help you find a new home or purpose for it. When it comes to removing old appliances, the first obstacle is removing them, which is almost never a DIY project. Even with two people, you still need proper equipment like a furniture dolly or hand truck, packaging tape or duct tape and a suitable vehicle. We have a team of trained professionals with extensive industry experience and expertise, guaranteeing exceptional appliance removal in Buford.

How to Get Rid of Your Junk Appliances

The first step of appliance removal starts with getting your old junk out of the house, workplace or apartment. While this is easy, you still have to find an appropriate place to take your appliances. With most states imposing laws that ban items such as appliances from ending up in landfills, it is advisable to consider appliance recycling in Buford. We know several alternatives for removing your junk appliances without risking hefty fines. Here are some of the alternatives recommended for safe and efficient appliance disposal.

Sell Them

The demand for used appliances in working conditions is never-ending, but you must be prepared for half or less than what you paid. This is true for garage sales and online sites like Letgo, Craigslist, or, where the description for appliances is steep. Selling an old, working appliance puts money in your pocket and prevents it from ending up in a landfill somewhere in Buford.

Appliance Recycling in Buford

Consider Donation

Appliance disposal doesn't have to be all about financial gain, and donating is a great way of finding a new home for your old appliances. There are numerous non-profit groups, second-hand shops, community thrift shops and churches in Buford willing to accept them if they are in working condition. Better yet, most offer appliance pick-up relieving the burden of hauling to a particular organization.

Scrap Your Appliances

Another easy way of getting rid of old appliances and making some money is taking them to a scrap metal dealer or appliance dealer in Buford. This is an excellent idea for disposing of appliances that are no longer in working condition. These businesses will either re-sell, repair, or disassemble them to recover recyclable and usable parts. You can make some money in the process and reduce the risk of environmental hazards when they are dumped in an open field.


It is vital to consider these appliances' environmental impact, and that's why we recommend appliance recycling in Buford. We can help you dispose of your old refrigerator, HVAC, washer and dryer in an environmentally-friendly manner. Aside from removing and hauling away your junk appliances, you can count on us to help with recycling. Having a professional junk removal service safely remove appliances is the best option to ensure recycling as much scrap metal as possible.

Contact us at The Junk Tycoons and schedule a consultation with our experts to ensure you don't safely dispose of your junk. Leverage our experience and expertise to enjoy quality appliance recycling in Buford at competitive market rates.

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