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4 Surprising Facts About Junk Hauling
Oct 19 2022

4 Surprising Facts About Junk Hauling

Junk hauling, as the name suggests, is the process of picking up and hauling away unwanted junk from a property. This is an integral part of the decluttering process, whether it be in residential properties, offices, retail stores, or construction sites. Junk hauling services like The Junk Tycoons get rid of all kinds of junk, including old furniture, appliances, unwanted electronics, household items, construction waste, old clothing, and more.

The following are 4 facts you should know about junk hauling.

Junk Hauling Is Not Trash Removal

Trash removal involves the regular collection of regular items like single-use plastics, food waste, and food containers by a garbage collection service. Trash bins get picked up on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. On the other hand, junk hauling refers to the pickup and hauling away of bulky or heavy items like appliances, furniture, BBQ grills, lawn mowers, garage junk, construction waste, windows, and more.

Junk Haulers Don’t Take Just Anything

Many times customers assume junk haulers will take just about anything. But there are certain items that junk removal companies don’t take because they are either hazardous or require special handling. Some of the items that junk removal companies typically do not accept include hazardous waste, mercury products, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, propane, paint cans, bleach, motor oil, car batteries, varnish, asbestos, and medication. However, the items that junk haulers do not accept vary from company to company, so it’s best to find out from your junk removal service about the items they don’t take.

It’s Harder to Haul Away Junk Than You’d Think

Junk hauling might seem like a simple task you can undertake by yourself, but a DIY approach can prove to be expensive and dangerous. With a DIY approach, you not only risk getting injured, but you could also get penalized for improper waste disposal. Junk removal should be left to a professional junk hauling service with a proven track record of success.

There’s No Junk Hauling Job That’s Too Big or Too Small for A Professional Junk Hauler

Junk hauling companies have a knowledgeable and experienced crew and advanced equipment to haul away and dispose of junk safely and efficiently. Whether you are undertaking an office cleanout, home decluttering, or spring cleaning, a reputable junk hauler can help get rid of unwanted items efficiently.

Call The Junk Tycoons for All of Your Junk Removal Needs

Junk hauling is not a DIY task because it requires skills, experience, and the right equipment to haul away and dispose of different types of junk. If you’re looking for a trusted junk hauler to help you haul away junk from your home or office, you can rely on The Junk Tycoons to get the job done right. The Junk Tycoons is a locally owned and operated junk removal service company that offers affordable junk hauling services. We offer appliance removal, electronics recycling, furniture removal, big TV removal, and residential & commercial junk removal services at budget-friendly prices.

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