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Electronics recycling in Lilburn, GA

Are you looking for the right provider of computer recycling in Lilburn GA? If you have never disposed of your computers or other electronic waste, you may be unsure about the process. The good news: The Junk Tycoons can help!


We are experienced in disposal and recycling processes for your computers, offering computer removal in Lilburn GA for residential and commercial clients. When you want the best prices, most responsive service and high quality from a locally owned business, it is time to reach out to the experts at The Junk Tycoons.


We have been the trusted provider of TV recycling in Lilburn GA for countless clients — let us show you the benefits of working with our experienced team.


Preparing for Computer Recycling in Lilburn GA


If you are a small-business owner looking to get rid of your stock of old computers, you may be struggling to find the right resources for computer removal in Lilburn GA. Taking one or two computers to the recycling center on your own is achievable, but what if you have dozens?


Whether you are looking for bulk disposal of your old computers, or you require TV removal in Lilburn GA, The Junk Tycoons can help. Before you hand over your computers or other electronic devices, we advise that you:


  • Remove SIM and SD cards, which store personal information
  • Back up all the information from your computer on the cloud or an external hard drive — you can also do this for cell phones and laptops)
  • Erase your entire hard drive, including content, software, and settings


Taking these simple steps before you contact our team for laptop recycling will save time and energy, ensuring that your personal information is completely safe. The Junk Tycoons offers responsive, quick service for your computer recycling in Lilburn GA, offering the affordable junk disposal that you need for your residence or small business. We have the best prices in the industry! Ready to get started with your easy haul-away process? Contact The Junk Tycoons right now –


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Quality Junk Removal Service

The Junk Tycoons provides quality service in junk removal and cleanup on any project you may need. No project is too big or too small. We guarantee to provide you with a written estimate on your junk removal at the lowest price in our industry. Whether you are moving to a new house or just in the middle of spring cleaning we can help. We consistently beat out our competitors prices, and in many case offer same day service.